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Here at 525 Foundation, we see value in everyone and think it is so important that everyone hears our message of prevention.  "Everybody is somebody's Somebody!"  We want to save lives by being the catalyst for positive change in our schools, families, and communities.  

Since our beginning in 2017, we have been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Non-Profit upon: support, empowerment, and progress. There is nothing more satisfying than to finish a presentation at a school and have numerous students come up afterward and hug you and tell you that Nick and Jack's story made an impact on them. Or to have a parent send you a message thanking you for the presentation, because that night a great conversation was had, and change was made. Or, to watch 8,000 pounds of pills be loaded up on a truck to be destroyed.  When you think about one pill being able to take a life, that 8,000 pounds of pills is a lot of lives potentially SAVED!

We do what we do because we as parents, and I am sure our boys, were unaware of the dangers that our kids were facing.  We did not know that prescription medications were a "thing" at a party, and we are sure that some parents and kids may still be unaware.  We want to help fill the knowledge gaps about prescription medication misuse, along with other substance misuse and abuse.  We do not want another preventable tragedy happening to another family.  Especially, if just by us talking about it can save someone else.

Nick and Jack brought so much love and goodness to the world when they were alive, and now this is our way of carrying on their legacy of love and goodness- through the work of our foundation, and through telling their story- including the fatal choice that forever changed our lives.  We see value in everyone and think it is SO important that everyone hears our message of prevention.

"The death of a child is so painful, both emotionally and spiritually, that I truly wondered if my own heart and spirit would ever heal.  I soon learned that I could help myself best by helping others."

-Barbara Bush

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