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A Gripping Story Of Two Brothers Who Lost Their Lives On The Same Night.


It was a night we thought we'd never forget. It was graduation and, like most teens, we were looking forward to celebrating with our friends.  We knew it was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Some of us were heading off to college. Others were moving away.  We had made some amazing friends and even better memories.


Sitting around reminiscing and laughing, someone pulled out a bottle of pills. Oxy.  In a brief moment, we made ONE CHOICE that we can never take back. How were we to know this would be our last night? When you're a teenager you don't think that ONE CHOICE can end it all.  But it can. We are here to tell you that your choice matters.

     Here is our story.


About the Author
Becky Savage


Promoting Prevention through Education and Awareness!

Becky is the mother of Nick and Jack and the Co-Founder of the 525 Foundation. She is a Nurse Educator, and a sought after National speaker educating teens, parents, first responders and school officials on the dangers of prescription drug misuse. Becky is passionate about Primary Prevention through outreach, education and support. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ball State University and a Masters in Nursing Education from Bethel University. Becky and her husband Mike love spending time at Donnell Lake, MI with their two adult sons, Justin and Matt. When Becky is not out on the lake or at home in Granger, Indiana, she can be found at an ice rink somewhere around South Bend, or chasing her CRAZY dogs Tucker, Cash, Sadie and Josie Mae.

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